I Think Apple Products Are Great

1st off, in my mind to be anti-anything is really immature. I come from a strong mormon background and have had to deal with a lot of other churches/people going out of their way to point out all the negative things within the mormon faith instead of looking at all the good in it. I never fully understood why people had to hate on something, or even could hate on something that they never really had a part of or knew much about. If you disagree with something that has no effect on your life, wouldn’t it be easier on everyone to just talk about the good things in your life instead of the “bad” things of others around you?

In my mind Apple’s the “mormons” of the tech world. Why do so many of the Android users feel the need to pick apart something that is obviously respected and loved by a large group of people? Just take your phone and talk about the goods, like how it is waterproof, and stick with that.

Similar to how you will never see the LDS church release articles, press releases, or media of any kind bashing on other churches, you will never see Apple release media bashing on other computers or smart phones. Thats not to say that in an interview you wont here some negative answers towards others occasionally, but thats only because interviews are with human beings and not the view of the company/church as a whole. Then those interviews are twisted around, or mis quoted to seem even more harsh by those that are looking for the negative.

Guys and gals, the reality is, no one that actually believes in a product/religion is going to be swayed by others posting about how much they hate it. So lets just look for the positive in life, if your church is better, or your mobile device is better, lets here why its better, not why what others are using are worse. Isn’t that the logical thing to do?

Respect Levels

This is a graph, which legitimizes my article.

xoxo -Lance


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